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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair


Garage door springs can pose a very big danger, especially when malfunctioning. Garage door spring repair should only be attempted by a trained professional with the proper equipment, as the springs are under a great amount of tension. At Solid Garage Doors, we offer expert spring repair and replacement. Our technicians will work quickly and effectively to diagnose any problems, recommend a solution to those problems, and finally, execute the needed repairs.


There are two main types of garage door springs – extension springs and torsion springs.

Extension springs are often used on lighter doors. The springs are attached to a cable that is anchored to the bottom of the door. When the door closes, it causes the springs to extend, storing mechanical energy that is used to assist with opening the door.

Torsion springs are typically found on heavier doors. There are usually one or two springs located above the door opening. These work by torsion (or twisting). When the coils are twisted using special tools, the mechanical force is stored, applying torque to the center shaft. This allows the door to open and close with ease.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Philadelphia

As your garage door continues to open and close several times a day for years, the parts that help it do so can easily become worn out. The garage door springs, which extend or wind up to move your garage door, play an important part in the process.

However, the constant pressure that they face can lead to:

  • Springs snapping
  • Springs warping
  • Springs being damaged
  • Intense pressure on your springs
  • And other related problems

Once any of these issues occur, your garage door will not be able to open or close smoothly. In some cases, your garage door can simply not open at all.

Luckily, the technicians at Solid Garage Doors have been helping the Philadelphia area with all their garage door spring repair and replacement needs.

Contact us now if your garage door springs are snapped, warped or damaged, as it can lead to a wide range of safety hazards.

How Garage Door Springs Work

There are two types of garage door springs that help to open and close your doors.
Each one has their own style, mechanics and therefore, their own repair process.

Extension Garage Door Springs
Extension springs use a motor and cables to open your door, with the spring located on the ceiling of your garage. As your door closes, the spring is fully extended, then compressed to allow the door to be opened.

As it continues to extend and then compress over time, it can lead to damage, warping and snapping.

Torsion Garage Door Springs
Torsion springs are located above the garage door and sit horizontally, connected to the cables in the corner of your garage door. The torsion springs wind when the door closes, then release their tension when you press your remote to open the door, supplying the energy to lift it.

The torsion springs receive incredible amounts of pressure on a daily basis, making them liable to snap or contort at any time. For this reason, we recommend you call for professional assistance to keep yourself safe the moment you recognize a problem.

If your garage door springs need repair or replacement, call us at (215) 839-3000 so that our specialists can quickly and safely offer you repair services.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Just 1 Hour

If your springs are damaged, we do not recommend that you try to fix them yourselves. With various amounts of pressure on each spring, it can be extremely dangerous to attempt to fix the springs on your own.

Our professional, experienced garage door specialists will come to your home and fix the springs in as little as one house. No mess, no stress. Just efficient garage door spring repair services.