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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Not Closing

Garage Door Won't Close

One must be very conscious of the garage door installation because sometimes the wrong installation leads to many problems. Sometimes, your garage door may stop closing. Here, we are going to discuss what can be the prominent reasons due to which garage door of your house is not closing.

Common Reasons When the Garage Door Is Not Closing

We suggest you to must consult with the garage door repair and garage door spring repair specialist if you are facing any of the problems that we are going to discuss here.

The Gap at the Bottom

One of the common reasons your garage door is not closing is the gap at the bottom. When the garage door will not be installed properly, it may leave a gap at the bottom. Due to this gap, when you will try to close the door, it will not close in a proper way. That is why, at the time of installation of the door, you must be very conscious and keep on an eye on all the factors that either you are going to install the doors in a proper way or not.

If your door is automatic and you wish to close it. But your door has a gap. It will try to shut but will not touch the floor of the garage.

What Are the Reasons for the Bottom Gap of the Garage Doors?

  1. There may be a chance; your garage floor has cracks.
  2. The seal of the garage door may be damaged.
  3. If the sensors of the garage door are not working properly, your door will not close.
  4. The garage door opener is not working properly

The Inappropriate Condition of Photocell Wiring

If your garage door contains the invaluable garage door openers, then your door may create issue while closing. Make sure that the photocell wiring of your garage door is not damaged if you want to close the garage door properly. If the wiring behind the cases is faulty, you must consult with the garage door repair to get rid of this issue. If you think that you can fix this problem on your own, it may lead to some severe issues. So, take a wise decision and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Loosening of Springs

If the springs of your garage door are not tight, they may also cause a problem while closing the garage door. At the time of the installation, you must think upon this issue and make sure that all the springs are tightly fitted. Make sure no spring has broken. If the springs will be in the best working condition, your door will not make any issue while closing. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to close the door. For resolving such issues, you can consult with the garage door spring repair experts here at Solid Garage Doors.

These all are the reasons that may become the cause of not closing your garage door anyway. If you feel that you are facing such situations that we have described, it is better for you to must consult a garage door repair company to resolve your issue.

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