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Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage Door Roller Repair


If your garage door is getting stuck or slowly raising and lowering, then it is likely that you are in need of expert garage door roller repair services.

What Are Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door rollers are the small bearings that are connected to your garage door, allowing them to roll up and down through the tracks.

Each time you open or close your garage doors, the rollers should smoothly, quietly roll through the tracks to help raise and lower the door. If you notice that your door is jerking, stuttering or getting stuck during the opening process, you may have an issue with your rollers.

Philadelphia Garage Door Roller Repair
Common Garage Door Roller Problems

Anytime your garage door fails to smoothly glide up and down, then you are almost guaranteed to have a problem with the rollers.

Through constant use, being worn out and by receiving too much pressure, the rollers can become warped and broken. This leads to a wide range of garage door issues, such as:

Garage Door Grinding
If you hear the noise of metal-on-metal grinding anytime your garage door is moving, the rollers are likely causing friction against the tracks. The metal pieces of your door are never supposed to contact the track, but as the rollers begin to break, grinding that can prevent a smooth opening occurs.

Garage Door Clicking
A clicking sound can be heard when your garage door opens and closes if the rollers move out of the track, before re-aligning themselves. Each time the rollers feel unwanted pressure from being outside of the track, there will be a click.

Garage Door Dragging
Usually caused by extremely small chips or damage to the rollers, dragging is the term for resistance felt when the garage door is opening and closing. While it can be caused by damaged springs, checking the rollers for damage is recommended.

Garage Door Marking
In addition to the feeling of the garage door not opening correctly and hearing the clicks, you can also see when rollers are broken. As they drag against the tracks, you can spot marks that indicate that the rollers are not smoothly running across the tracks.

How Does Garage Door Roller Damage Occur?
There are a few reasons that rollers can be broken, aside from the daily wear and tear they experience from opening and closing doors.

Exposure to the Elements
Extreme hot and cold, intense rain, snow and ice forming can all add to roller issues. It is vital to keep your garage door closed, especially during the cold winter months.

Everything from salt in the air to salt from shoveling your driveway, as well as condensation, can lead to rusting on the rollers and the track. This causes damage that prevents the rollers from smoothly gliding across the tracks.

Not Enough Lubrication
Most people fail to lubricate their garage doors, which can lead to a variety of issues. We recommend that you continue to lubricate the tracks, rollers and other machinery to prevent friction that damages all parts of your garage door.

Intense Pressure
If you leave your garage door open often, you can be putting additional stress on the rollers. As the tracks bow and contact the rollers, there is additional pressure absorbed that can bend, dent or warp the rollers.

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