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Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair


When the cable breaks on your garage doors, your door is unable to open, which can trap you and your vehicle in your home.

One call to Solid Garage Doors and our expert technicians will come directly to your home to repair your garage door cables in a timely manner.

Garage Door Cable Replacement
What Are Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are the wires that can be found on both sides of your door, hoisting it up and pulling it down whenever you open and close the door.

Made of thin wire that have been wrapped together and galvanized, they can be broken or damaged by a number of factors. However, once they snap, your door will not be able to open automatically.

The Problem of Broken Garage Door Cables

The moment your cables break, you and your vehicle can be trapped inside your garage. This can cause major inconveniences including being late for work, not being able to take your kids to school and interrupting other daily errands.

To get your car out, you do have the option of manually opening your garage door. However, this not only takes time and lots of effort, but it can lead to dangerous accidents if you are inexperienced.

When your wires break, we recommend that you contact us for instant garage door cable repair services, so you can have your door opened as soon as possible!

Broken Garage Door Cable Repair
Philadelphia Garage Door Cable Repair
The Types of Garage Door Cables

There are several different types of garage door cables that used. Knowing what style your garage door uses is key to fast, efficient garage door cable repair.

Torsion Cables
Attached to the bottom of the garage door with a metal wire loop, the torsion cable it attached in a precise manner that keeps the door in the perfect opening position.

Extension Cables
Used together with the extension coil on each side of the door, they extend and contract when the door closes and opens.

Safety Cables
Garage door safety cables are actually found within the extension coils, so that they can hold the spring together in case the spring malfunctions. They prevent damage to the garage door, as well as maintain safety.

When You Need Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Misalignment
As your garage doors continue to be used, they can become misaligned over time. The cables begin to fall out of the pulleys, needing them to be threaded inside of the string to pull them up again.

We do not recommend trying to rethread your garage door cable, as the intricate nature can lead to serious accidents, especially for fingers and hands.

Garage Door Cable Snapping
Constantly pulling 500 pounds of weight puts regular stress on the cables. Over time, they may be so worn out that they are unable to handle the weight, instantly snapping the cables.

When this happens, you need to call in the Solid Garage Doors experts for cable replacement.

Your Source for Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement
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