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Garage Door Installation / Replacement

Garage Door Installation / Replacement


Philadelphia Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installation Services

At Solid Garage Doors, we go beyond repair! If you have new garage doors that you need installed, just give us a call and our team will be over to offer professional, fast service.

Whether you have purchased new garage doors, are finalizing a new home build or needed to replace broken garage doors, we are here to help with all your installation needs.

We have provided affordable, reliable garage door installation services in Philadelphia and the surrounding area for years, earning a solid reputation along the way.

With a team of experienced garage door technicians that are familiar with all styles from basic doors to fully customized garage doors, we are able to install any make and model in a timely manner.

Your Garage Door Installation Professionals

From the moment you contact Solid Garage Doors, you are guaranteed both the highest level of client service, as well as the expertise needed for fast, smooth installation.

Upon receiving your call, our garage door installation team will come to your home to measure the space and plan beforehand, making sure that we get the installation right on the very first try.

Next, we install the garage door beams and rollers. Our team has worked with all sizes, shapes and designs, so we know how to set up any garage door quickly, without compromising quality.

Then, we install the garage door panel or the entire unit, depending on the style that your have selected. By connecting it to the mechanisms that open and close it, we are able to test to ensure it is in the right place.

After installing the rest of the panels, we attach the garage door itself. Once it is in place, we are able to attach the garage door spring that makes opening and closing your door extremely easy.

Before leaving, our professional garage door installers will conduct a thorough test and review to make sure your doors look great and are functioning property.

Ready for Your Garage Door Installation?
If you have garage doors that need to be installed, then contact us today at (215) 839-3000 to discover why we are the leading garage door installation service in Philadelphia!

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